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quantum magnetic eyelashes

quantum magnetic eyelashes

Issue Time:2020-01-15

Recently, quantum magnetic eyelashes to break the technical difficulties, the new products first in the Chinese mainland began to sell.Global orders are also in short supply.

Quantum magnetic false eyelash does not need glue how to wear two seconds is true?

Have the eyelash of a pair of long and roll, although single eyelid, also can the eye enlarge one time, however, brush like fly leg with eyelash cream eyelash;Grafting easily.i was expensive, as the goddess of essential product of quantum magnetic false eyelashes, compared with the ordinary grafting eyelash, convenient and quick, put two seconds, one second to take (contain quantum science and technology, will not breed bacteria, much less deformation) is the most important thing don't glue need discharge makeup, recycled, affordable, without any side effects oh, without makeup comes with big eye effect

It is made up of four false lashes, two for each eye

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